Activity Numbers Increase!

KThe home sales and closed transactions numbers rose the last half of March by about 30% over the first half.  New listings increased also, but by a smaller margin.  Here are those numbers:

Period ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
31-Mar 180 53 88 193 129

Homes for Sale
As of right now there are 381 homes for sale in Yuba & Sutter counties.  Is your next home one of them?  The average price of homes being sold has been rising. Interest rates are still fantastic.  Is it time for you to buy? 

Have you thought about selling your CMA current home?  Maybe you need to sell your current home to make buying that new one possible?  This is how things used to be done.  It is called a contingent sale.   Those words can be scary to some.  If done correctly, this can be THE way to achieve your goals.

Call us today to find out how to put this process to work for you! Contact us

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