Activity Numbers Increase!

KThe home sales and closed transactions numbers rose the last half of March by about 30% over the first half.  New listings increased also, but by a smaller margin.  Here are those numbers:

Period ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
31-Mar 180 53 88 193 129

Homes for Sale
As of right now there are 381 homes for sale in Yuba & Sutter counties.  Is your next home one of them?  The average price of homes being sold has been rising. Interest rates are still fantastic.  Is it time for you to buy? 

Have you thought about selling your CMA current home?  Maybe you need to sell your current home to make buying that new one possible?  This is how things used to be done.  It is called a contingent sale.   Those words can be scary to some.  If done correctly, this can be THE way to achieve your goals.

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Why Home Owners Need to Get Moving


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I know folks are used to me saying that this is a great time to sell, and to buy.  I thought I’d shake things up a bit today.  Here is an article referring to a recent publication in CNNMoney.

“An article in CNNMoney recently highlighted several reasons why this spring would be the perfect time for home owners to get off the fence. After all, many markets across the country are still tilting in sellers’ favor. Here’s why”  read the story: books-for-clip-art-4

Three of the major factors they discuss are less competition, impending interest rate hikes, and rental costs going up dramatically and quickly.  We’d like to here from you.

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158 Homes Sold 1st Half of This Month

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The market keeps on keeping on… I don’t remember where I heard that but it does pretty well describe the real estate market in Yuba & Sutter Counties.  In the last 2 weeks we sold 2158 homes!  Here’s the numbers:

Period ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
15-Mar 166 33 64 158 93

For those accustomed to seeing weekly posting we have changed things up a bit.  We are now posting the numbers twice a month.  There is so much going on and we want to be able to bring that information to you in a timely manner.

New Fed programs; new banking regulations; new closing procedures; the list goes on.  We will bring you the most relevant information available.  If you need something that you don’t see just give us a call.  ph #  or email:  CoolClips_hand0192


February’s Numbers

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Although the winter is normally a slower time for the real estate business the Yuba Sutter area market seems to be doing pretty well.  We continue to run numbers pretty close to our annual average.  Here are the numbers for last month:

Week ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
Feb 265 76 117 341 196
28-Feb 74 10 32 69 55
21-Feb 51 21 35 83 50
14-Feb 67 13 23 97 35
7-Feb 73 32 27 92 56

Our inventory continues to be relatively stable. The newly listed and Back on Market is nearly equal to the number of sold homes (under contract).  To get a list of the homes under any of the above categories Contact us.

There are currently 463 homes listed for sale in Yuba & Sutter Counties.  Homes for Sale


ListHub vs. Zillow: What’s it Mean?

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The Real Estate world is being shaken once again.  Just last week ListHub announced that it would no longer supply listing information to Trulia, which was recently purchased by Zillow.

This week Zillow has managed a court injunction prohibiting that action, at least for another week while both sides gather their cases.

For those unfamiliar with the names above, they are the two largest collectors of real estate listing data that is sold to other sites, and of course their own.  Since ListHub was purchased by Move (who is also affiliated with, this battle has been brewing.

What does it mean to you, the consumer?  That remains to be seen, and in part can change depending on the court actions.  There are good and bad in the processes.

Is this a good thing?  The information currently in question is owned by the MLS administrators, in turn governed by the rules of the Association of Realtors®.  The benefit to users is that the information must be kept current, accurate, and meet other guidelines.  This is how we protect you.

Can it be a bad thing?  One of the most frustrating things for someone looking for homes on the internet (or otherwise) is getting inaccurate and/or outdated information.  The number of times I’ve had to explain to a buyer why a home is not for sale when they found it on Zillow (or another web source).  This is one of the things that needs to be addressed.

We are not against competition!  Competition is a good thing, if for nothing else it forces the players to strive to be better.  We are against the taking of information (that we pay to get), then twisting or mismanaging it in such a way as to frustrate and confuse the public.

What are your thoughts?  We’d like to hear from you.  In the coming weeks we will post (and respond?) to your comments.  The comment box below is for your use.

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New Numbers Matching Last Year!

for%20sale-sold-sml  It looks like our activity is continuing at about the rate we closed out last year with.  Click the number for a list in that category.

Week ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
10-Jan 49 21 42 53 36

CMA    Have you had your home’s value checked lately?  This might be a good time for you to “right-size” as your family grows or shrinks in numbers.  Even with 2 years of good prices under our belt many home owners may not know they have an option.  Just click the button for a free, no hassle market evaluation for your home!

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Did you see the Numbers from Last Week?


The real estate activity was nearly double the previous week.  Of course we had Christmas 2 weeks ago, but New Years was last week.  That said, it was still just about half of what we saw before the holidays.  Here are last week’s numbers: (click on the number for that list)

Week ending Newly Listed Back on Market Price Change Under Contract Closed
3-Jan 22 17 17 34 18

For those regular readers amongst you yes, there is a minor change in our report.  We now include both price increases and reductions under one category: price changes.  We think it cleaned up the graph a bit, making information more visible.  We like to hear your views.

Price reductions continue to be the majority of the price changes.  As we come to grips with the “new” market sellers are trying to get the maximum for their home, while buyers are trying to pay as little as required.  Kind of sounds like a “normal” market doesn’t it?

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What’s Keeping You From Buying Your Home?


According to a recent survey by Trulia 78% of young adults plan on owning their home.  Yet, something still holds many back.  Some are major obstacles, others may be nothing more than misinformation.

According to the survey, renters looking to buy a home in the near future cited the following barriers:

  • Saving enough for a down payment
  • Having a poor credit history
  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Rising home prices
  • Unable to pay off existing debt
  • Not having a stable job
  • Rising mortgage rates
  • Limited inventory

So how can prospective homebuyers overcome these obstacles? – Read more at: aTeKzXX7c (Lead photo also from trulia)

Out of the reasons listed above, most are really non-issues.  Maybe you just haven’t talked to the right team yet?  I can tell you that EACH & EVERY ONE of the list above can be overcome within weeks, if not immediately.  Go ahead, test us.  Call now. old-telephone-clipartvintagefeedsacks-free-vintage-clip-art-vintage-telephone-old-zjobn5vt

K  The choice is YOURS! The photo above or the one at the beginning of this article!  Which do YOU CHOSE?

Lighter Activity for the Holidays

home-for-sale[1]  With the short week (3 days for many agents) and the holiday activities of most people it’s not surprising that the real estate activity was a bit less last week.  Here are the numbers for what did transpose (click the number for that list).

Newly Listed Back on Market Price Increase Price Lowered Under Contract Closed
10 5 2 8 27 23

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Looking forward to the new year we see many opportunities for those in the know.  Stay tuned.

Even though this is another short week for many, I believe we’ll finally get that promised article published about “contingent sales”.

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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. What’s it all Mean?

numbers     Basically speaking, numbers are a way for us to measure and compare..  That is why we publish them here.

While we can not predict the future we can make educated estimations (the most likely outcomes of given scenarios).  If we understand the reasons things happened yesterday we can begin to estimate tomorrow.  Here are last week’s Real estate numbers.

Newly Listed Back on Market Price Increase Price Lowered Under Contract Closed
39 22 0 22 51 51

It appears we listed more homes than we sold last week.  That difference is small, and not consistent so we don’t attach any great significance to the fact.  Right now continues to be a great time to buy or sell if you have a reason to do either.  Is now your right time?

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