What’s Keeping You From Buying Your Home?


According to a recent survey by Trulia 78% of young adults plan on owning their home.  Yet, something still holds many back.  Some are major obstacles, others may be nothing more than misinformation.

According to the survey, renters looking to buy a home in the near future cited the following barriers:

  • Saving enough for a down payment
  • Having a poor credit history
  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Rising home prices
  • Unable to pay off existing debt
  • Not having a stable job
  • Rising mortgage rates
  • Limited inventory

So how can prospective homebuyers overcome these obstacles? – Read more at: aTeKzXX7c (Lead photo also from trulia)

Out of the reasons listed above, most are really non-issues.  Maybe you just haven’t talked to the right team yet?  I can tell you that EACH & EVERY ONE of the list above can be overcome within weeks, if not immediately.  Go ahead, test us.  Call now. old-telephone-clipartvintagefeedsacks-free-vintage-clip-art-vintage-telephone-old-zjobn5vt

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