I Want to Sell My Home…Now What?

Whether you are selling your home because of life’s events forcing a change upon you NOW or you just want a change, you still want to get the most you can from your home.  Procedures and timing will change, but some things are consistent across the board.

To help your home show well (meaning interest others (read “buyers”)) removing personal items, clutter, and of course a super cleaning are all necessary tasks.  Kitchens and bathrooms MUST be spotless (think hotel room).  A place sometimes overlooked is the closet.  If your closet is packed it will look small to a perspective buyer.  For additional ideas click HERE.

Another thing you need to have is of course a price.  What do you sell for?  What is your home worth to others?  You may have many fond memories in your home that are invaluable to you but a perspective buyer does not.  Generally, the market price is determined by the market.  Sound confusing?  It can be! 

An often used (and sometimes the best) procedure is to hire an appraiser to come in, look at your home, and give you their report.  In our area prices for this service generally run $300-$500.  If you go this route, be prepared to work with the appraiser.  He (or she) will need to view your home in detail, and your input about what makes it special will help them.  For more on how to prepare for and work with an appraiser click HERE.

An alternative to this, or a preliminary step is to consult your Realtor®.  At Yuba Sutter Homes and Loans we will provide you with a FREE home valuation, sometimes referred to as a CMA (comparative market analysis).  Whereas an appraiser might look at things like the cost of building or replacing your home, a CMA looks at home comparable to yours that have sold recently for the selling prices.  This gives us a very good idea of what another person might be willing to pay for your home. 

Of course, it is much more complex than that, and many factors are considered.  If you would like a free CMA call us or send an email to CMA@YubaSutterHomesAndLoans.com.  Be sure to include your address and a phone number might help speed things along if we need to contact you.  If you need help getting started please contact us HERE.

If you prefer to call we can be reached at 530 315-2808.

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