The “Good Ole Days” vs. Technology in Real Estate

There’s no doubt about it, technology has changed our lives.  Real estate has felt that change as well; maybe even more than many industries.  We have the ability to get much more information to our clients, and it can be done in a more cost effective manner.

In the Olden Days a client relied almost totally on an agent for information.  What homes are for sale?  What homes fit your price range and criteria?  In fact, what is your price range?  What is the neighborhood like?  What school district is a home in?  Yes, you could have found most of this on your own given enough time, but you were busy at your job.  You needed someone who could spend the time getting this information during regular business hours.

Today much of this information is just a few mouse clicks away!  And it can be done at whatever time is convenient for you.  So what do you need an agent for?  For one, allowing you to continue with your life while this information is gathered for you and presented in a meaningful format.  Secondly, do you know all the important questions to ask?  Your agent should.

Do you remember the time before the MLS?  To purchase a home you went to an office (often starting with a big name company) and an agent showed you what their company had for sale.  Or if you saw a yard sign you called the office/agent listed on the sign.  If you liked what you saw you purchased from that agent.  That agent would send you to their favorite lender to arrange your loan.  Just like buying a bar of soap, you pretty much accepted the terms handed you, or you walked.

Pick your own agent, someone you are comfortable working with and trust?  No way!  In fact, the buyer’s agent is a relatively new concept.  And it is totally to your benefit!  YOU pick the agent you want to work with.  This agent now represents YOU; not the home owner or their agent/office; YOU!

A good buyer’s agent will get to know YOU!  They will strive to understand your needs and desires.  This agent can then narrow the huge and confusing list of available properties down to only what fits you.  All that information we discussed earlier?  Your buyer’s agent can hand you that for each property you are interested in!  He/she will also know the right questions to ask and of whom to ask them.  And remember, this agent represents YOU!

What is a fair price?  Are neighborhood prices going up?  Are your needs short term or long term?  A good agent will know that this can make a huge difference in what is important to you.  If you plan to move within 5 years the short term neighborhood appreciation might be much more meaningful to you than long term.  It can also make a difference on the type of financing that will best benefit you.  These are all things a good buyer’s agent will consider because he/she represents YOU.

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