The “Good Ole Days” vs. Technology in Real Estate…Part II

A couple of posts back we discussed some of the changes technology has made in the real estate business.  The last article focused on how a potential home buyer finds their home.  Those very changes have also changed the way we do business.

On the buyer’s side, as a real estate agent, and more specifically a Realtor® (not all agents are!), our job still includes helping you find your home by pointing you to the right information and helping you make sense of all that information.  But that is just the beginning.

From the seller’s side, we are familiar with the market.  We know how to present your home so interested buyers will look at it.  We know how to protect your investment by protecting YOU!  We have the connections and experience to put together a transaction, and the ability to see it through to completion.

Although you should consult a lawyer for legal advise, or a financial professional for financial advise, we are very familiar with these fields with respect to real estate.  We can often point you in the right direction with the necessary questions to a situation; one that you may not even have known existed. 

Perhaps you have heard the term Real Estate BROKER?  It refers to the fact that we don’t make the deal, or even participate in it.  What we do is round up all the parts and help you tie it all together.  In today’s complex transactions that is a lot of parts; a lot of different specialists each needing to do their part in a timely manner

Did you know that most FSBO (For Sale by Owner) transactions FAIL?  The reason for that failure rate?  85% of failed FSBO transactions fail due to the high stress level created in trying to keep every aspect of the transaction on track.  The stress is so high that the interested parties end up at ends with each other, or are otherwise unable to things accomplished within the time frame required.

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