Properly Priced Homes Sell Quickly!

The pattern of selling a properly priced home for more than listing (asking) price continues.  It would appear this is driven by the shortage of home on the market.  And we continue to sell more than we are listing!  Here are the stats for last week:

Back on
Price Reduction Under
27-Apr 45 10 3 12 59 47

For those that currently own a home, this is good news.  If you are working with a knowledgeable Realtor® you may now have equity where there was none a couple short months ago.  Are you in a situation where selling might be in your best interest?  Find out what your home is worth Today.  For your FREE no obligation market analysis for your home click HERE.

If you are looking to buy a home, this can also be great news.  How?  It means that NOW is the time.  Prices are very low (still below construction in many cases) and interest rates are fantastic!  This means you can get a good offer in (we’d be happy to help show you what a “good” offer is) and still have money left to eat.  To search for your dream home now click HERE.

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