Zillow says my home is worth more…

Have you heard this before?  Do you wonder why Zillow and others say one thing but the Realtor® you are working with says something else?  Who is right?

These are very good questions.  While we can’t give you specifics here (every home is different) the general answer is that your Realtor® should be someone local, someone who knows the local market, trends, and has knowledge only obtained by living in an area.  Also, if you are working with a licensed agent, he or she is sworn to put your interests ahead of their own; that means doing what is right for you, not just trying to make a sale.  If you are working with a Realtor® (as opposed to a licensed salesperson without the Realtor®) that standard is even higher!  Unfortunately, this is not the case with Zillow and others.  Their objective is to sell subscriptions, making money from advertising.

While we don’t think they are intentionally misleading the public, they are not local people living and working in the community either.  They glean thier information from MLS searches etc without the knowledge of how those numbers came to be.

 Does this mean you should not use Zillow, Google, et al?  NO!  It is usually good to get all the information possible, but remember to temper it according to it’s source.  If you are in the Yuba-Sutter area and would like a FREE estimate of your home ‘s value in today’s market click HERE.

Are you just curious about home prices in your neighborhood?  To get a FREE search of the current homes listed for sale click HERE or visit Yuba Sutter Homes and Loans.com.  Thinking about purchasing a new home?  We have exclusive deals with many of our local builders.  Would you like a FREE home inspection (yes, even a new home!), or a security system installed?  FREE protection for your new purchase?  Free…well, you get the idea.  Click on over to Yuba Sutter Home Buys.com

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Zillow says my home is worth more… — 3 Comments

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