Is the News Media Crying Wolf Again?

We think they are!  Or at the very least exaggerating the negatives and minimizing or omitting the positives.  If you have followed the recent news trends it would seem that real estate has become the brunt of sensationalism again.

 Are negative things happening?  You bet; bad things happen everywhere and virtually all the time!  Does that mean the whole thing is going down the drain?  Even Chicken Little would have to scoff at that.  There are also many (we think more) good things happening.

Home prices are very low.  You can purchase a home ready to move into for less than you can have one built.  I’m sure we’ve all heard that buying a new home means you don’t have to worry about buying someone else’s problems, but a comprehensive home warranty solves that problem.  And the cost?  Zero, Zip, Nada, not one cent if you purchase your home through Yuba Sutter Homes and Loans.

Interest rates are at record lows.  Looking at the boards this morning I am seeing rates as low as 4% or below.  These are honest rates, not buy-downs or tricks with numbers games.  That means you can get into a $150,000 home with 20% down for a monthly payment of only $572.90 (PI only) per month!  That is LESS than you can rent a similar home for!  AND that is before figuring in your tax savings of purchasing over renting!  Want to look at other scenarios yourself?  Click on over to the financial calculators at

Inventory is good right now.  You can find just about any type or price home you can imagine.  They are there, waiting for you.  Some may require a little research, but hey, isn’t that what your Realtor® is for (or part of our duties)?  To see the huge selection for sale click HERE.  Call [530 315-2808] or email us to get you on your way now.

Are these just our views?  NO!  In fact, the Sacramento Bee just published an article with similar findings, and more.  Click HERE to read that article. 

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