California’s Cash for Appliances Program

Are you looking to make your home a little more “green”?  Maybe some of those old appliances are nearing the end of their life?  Or how about just old fashioned saving money?  Right now California is sponsoring a rebate program for those that choose to upgrade their appliances to higher efficiency models.

According to the Sacramento Bee the program had $8.3 Million in funds remaining as of last Tuesday night.  However, an audit that removed things like duplicate applications has brought that total up to $11.8 Million available.  Have you claimed your share?

Rebates run from $50.00 for room air conditioners to $1,000 for central heat and air systems, including things like $300 to $750 for water heaters.  For more details click HERE.

To date (as of Tuesday evening) 191,502 Rebates have been applied for.  The leading appliance seems to be the washing machine with 75,734 so far.

Source: The Sacramento Bee.

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