10 Real Estate Predictions for 2011…part II

First, to all of you who were looking to find this second installment on our sister site we apologize.  Technical difficulties prevented that from being published.  Therefore we are re-posting it here for you, and thank you for your patience.

Last week we covered predictions one through five (you can review them below).  This week we will continue with #6.

6.  Increased and/or differentiating amenities:  In order to make their homes different than the next builder’s, things like outdoor kitchens, play areas, and special features indoors will come into play.

7.  More high-tech:  Just as you can now control your TV & entertainment system via a single remote control, entire systems for controlling the house from afar will become more prevalent.  They will no longer be just toys of the nerds.

8.  Smaller homes:  Just as home sizes have shrunk over the last couple years, the trend will continue as people look at more ways to get more for their money from less.  First time home buyers are likely to be one of the trend setters here, as the entry level mansion once again becomes a myth with responsible lending.

9.  Green AND good looking:  The greener trend will continue.  It just won’t look (or feel) like anything has been scrimped on.  As technologies get better and prices come down this concept will gain ground quickly.

10.  Healthy homes:  People today show allergies 5 times higher than a few years ago.  Indoor air will become cleaner, and directly address this issue.  As homes become greener, this will happen automatically also.  Reformulating paints and adhesives will contribute greatly to healthier indoor air.

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The impact locally?  Some of these things are happening here today, and have been for a while.  Solar panels have been built into new homes.  Secondary solar systems have been added to existing homes.  We know of one company that does little else!  Low VOC paints are available at your local home improvement and hardware stores.  Retrofit heating and A/C systems are installed regularly.  We believe it will continue, and is for the better.

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