Need Extra Income? Have a Vacation Home?

Sure you bought your vacation home for your enjoyment.  Of course you would not want someone else there when you want to use it.  And maybe your usage is unpredictable during the season.  You can still make money from it!

What about off season?  If it is a summer home, cabin etc., do you ever use it during the winter?  With vehicles and road conditions nowadays most places are accessible during most of the year.  But who would want a summer cabin in the dead of winter?  How about someone that wants a romantic Christmas?  Or how about a skier, or snowmobiler?  And then there is Ice fishing!  I am sure you can come up with more.

Getting your interest?  OK, what’s next?  According to Christine Karpinski, director of and a repeatedly published author, 9 inexpensive steps can get you that income.

1. Winterize your marketing
2. Consider off-season specials
3. Redecorate for warm and cozy
4. Plan for Snow
5. Consider adding a Hot tub, Sauna, or ventless Fireplace
6. Make your home baby- and toddler-friendly
8. Accept pets
9. Customize specials for repeat guests

Source:  RISMedia  ð

To read more or to get the details of each of the suggestions mentioned follow the source link above.

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