How to Choose a Realtor®

We all prefer to do business with someone we like.  It helps take some of the stress out of the equation.  And if you like someone, you usually trust them.  So wouldn’t it be great if your friend was a licensed and knowledgeably Realtor®?  Someone who has the experience, connections, and resources to get the job done for you?

Most of us know someone who dabbles in real estate.  Is this the person you want to handle your transaction?  What do you believe is their competency level?  Were they able to provide you with the information you needed?  Were they honest enough to say “I don’t know but I will find out” when needed; and then follow through on that promise?

Everyone makes mistakes!  The difference is what happens afterwards.  Is the mistake acknowledged?  Is it then corrected?  That is how we grow, how we learn.  And that is the secret: to LEARN.  That brings us back to the question: How do you choose YOUR Realtor®?

Buying a home usually requires time to research, look, and compare.  Who provided you with the information you used most?  During the course of your research have you found this person’s attitudes to be compatible with yours?  If so, you are probably comfortable working along side this person.  This doesn’t mean you are pals, just that there is a mutual trust and comfort level that is needed (if not required) to make it through a real estate transaction today.

Big company or small or independent isn’t what matters most.  It is the individual you are working with.  Do they appear competent?  Are they trustworthy?  Of course we know you have verified that they are legal, licensed, and knowledgeable of the area you are interested in.  Do you feel that they are putting YOUR INTERESTS ahead of any other in your transaction?  If so, you have found your Realtor®!

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