Why Choose a Realtor®; Buyer’s Perspective

Over the last few weeks we have published articles on how to choose your Realtor® and why you would even want to.  Those articles focused mainly on the selling side of the transaction.

Buyers also need the expertise, skills, and connections of a Realtor® to accomplish their side of the transaction, and to increase the likely-hood of even completing the purchase.   Did you know that the number one cause of failed FSBO (For Sale By Owner) transactions is because the level of stress induced is so high that the two parties end up fighting instead of working together?

So, for one let’s get rid of the stress!  Hiring a competent Realtor® helps in multiple ways here. 

  1. We know the legal issues involved, and how to avoid giving up your rights.
  2.  We have the contracts available to make sure every important issue is in writing.
  3. We know the sources to get answers that we don’t know ourselves.
  4. We handle the negotiating for you, at your direction.

Realtors® are trained to understand the market, to know what is and what isn’t a reasonable offer.  We have the information that allows you to make an informed decision.  We are experienced, so when snags come up we know how to work through them. 

A buyer’s agent is paid for by the seller in many cases!  The cost is incorporated into the price of a home and negotiated at the time of the listing.  Whether you use what is paid for or not, that cost is going to be paid for by the current owners!

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