Going Green…Adding Solar

Recently I have fielded a few questions about adding solar to an existing home.  Can it be done to mine?  How expensive is it?  How big do I need to go, and what happens if I generate more power than I use?  These are all good questions, and need to be asked (and answered) before forging ahead.

We are not experts in solar technology, but have become familiar with many of the general nuances.  We have also done research into who does this work.  Discussing things with them, we have drawn a few general guidelines.

Going solar actually has multiple facets.  There are active and passive technologies.  Active would include such things as electricity generation, water heating, swimming pool heating and the like.  Passive encompasses dual pane windows, eve overhang, attic venting, etc.  Passive has been with us for ages, but needs to be reviewed when considering active technologies also. 

Would you believe you can now have PG&E pay YOU?  Yes, you can actually sell your surplus energy generated back to the utility companies.  For more on that check out the link below.

$read more: SFGate ð

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