Over 100 Homes Sold Last Week!

Yes, you are reading that correctly!  In Yuba & Sutter Counties alone there were more than one hundred homes either newly sold or whose contracts closed (keys handed over).  Get the rest of the stats at Over the Back Fence (link also below).

While some continue to bash the Real Estate market, others are embracing the changes.  Of course, it is these “others” that are making money at it.  But are they embracing it because they are making money, or are they making money because they are embracing the market changes?  You know, that chicken and the egg thing?

Ponder this: Every problem is simply an opportunity looking for a solution.  While I can’t remember who came up with this quote (if I every really knew), I do think it is the mantra of those who really succeed, the real winners.

Which side do you want to be on?  Loosing or Winning?  If you chose winners then give us a call to see how we can help you get there.  I personally guarantee there are opportunities available.  We just have to start looking.  Call today at 530 315-2808.  Texts and emails also accepted.

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