Have You Heard “Homes Aren’t Selling”?

The Real Estate Market is in the dumps!  How often we hear such things!  But how often do these utterances come from people actually in the business?  And how is the general public to know?  Consider this:

A common complaint we hear brandied about is “Homes are not selling!.  But the fact is HOMES ARE SELLING!  A case in point: one buyer with whom I am privileged to be working has placed good offers (at asking price) on multiple homes the day they were listed (or the day they were priced in his desired range) and has missed getting EVERY ONE of them!  They received another offer that was accepted before ours, or other offers were higher (yes, above asking price!).

There are more such examples out there.  Does that sound like homes are not selling to you?  Are you interested in making money?  Is not the prime money making strategy to buy low and sell high?  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!

Perhaps you are interested in selling your home?  Has all the bad press put you off?  Are you working with a Realtor® that is serving your needs?  The rules may have changed, but so does the world.  It’s either keep up or get left behind.  I’m afraid the world of business and finance waits for no one. 

If you are interested in seeing the REAL numbers read the Weekly Activity Reports publish on Over the Back Fence (link below).  Every week (most weeks anyway)  the stats for the Yuba-Sutter area are compiled and published.  There are NO weeks in which there were 0 homes sold!

Get the representation you need to succeed!  Blaming the market does not get the job done.  Blaming others, conditions, or the times does not get the job done.  Willingness, knowledge and tenacity are the major tools needed.

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