It is Time!

Below are the sales reports for the last two weeks for Yuba & Sutter counties.  Can you see where the numbers are starting to change?  Do you think some of the information here might be important to you?

2 Weeks
Back on
Price Reduction Under
14-Sep 100 25 3 56 99 107

Investors:  Instead of your money sitting in someone else’s portfolio earning you virtually nothing how about making 50% PER MONTH!  Sound fantastic?  This is not some risky gamble, scheme or otherwise dangerous maneuver.  It is a simple, nearly guaranteed plan.  Call 530 315-2808 to find out how.

Buyers:  Interest rates are still fantastic, and home prices are low.  For a home priced at $150,000 (pretty nice, no) with nothing down you could have a payment of as low as $760.03 a month!  That is a real number, based on: P&I only, 0 down, 30 year fixed loan at 4.5%.  If rates rise to only 5.5% that same payment would be $851.68!  6.5%: $948.10!  All for the same house!  Call 530 315-2808 today!

Renters:  See the numbers above.  How much are you paying for rent?  Call us!  NOW!

Sellers:  Home prices have come back up quite a bit.  We don’t think they will continue to rise now that the construction cost has been met.  We do believe the banks are going to continue to increase interest rates.  Take a look at the numbers for the buyers.  Do you think that increase of 35% in monthly payment might take a few buyers out of the market?  What happens to values when there are too few buyers?  Call 530 315-2808 today!

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