Your Smart Phone just got Smarter!

Turn your smart phone into a search engine for you!  If you are out looking for homes for sale and you see a sign what do you do?  Most often you call your agent, or the number on the sign, right?

Now you wait for the agent to get back to you.  Do you sit there wasting valuable time?  Or do you drive on hoping you remember the house when your call comes?

Do you have a QR reader on your phone?  Get the app here:  mobile QR

If you want your information NOW we have a solution for you!  An app for Android or iPhone is here, for you.  No waiting for the return call.  It knows where you are looking (via the GPS in your phone).  It doesn’t try to sell you, just gives you the information you want.

If you want more information after that, just click a button to send a quick text.  Easy enough?

No QR reader?  No problem!  Text: KW2GC2E6T  to: 87778.  The app will download for you.

Did I mention it is FREE! 

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