has suspended the pilot of AgentMatch

Below is the statement released today by concerning’s usage of a ranking system on their web site.  We agreed with the majority in that the system was fundamentally flawed; largely in how it did the ranking.

It seems that they were ranking agents based on volume of business.  We argued that quantity and quality are often diametrical opposites.  It is our belief that once a certain number is reached quality must suffer.  There are only 24 hours in a day and handling a transaction in today’s world requires many of those hours.

While handling some transactions does indicate experience, it is not an indicator that those were of good quality either.  I personally have had more than one case where, in order to provide the quality I guarantee my clients I have had to do the work on BOTH sides of the transaction.

As with any relationship interview your prospective Realtor®.  After all, they are about to become your employee!.  Are they experienced?  If reasonably new are they energetic, willing to learn, and working with a team that has the experience?  You will be sharing some of your financial information, life secrets, and TRUST with this person.  Are you comfortable with him/her?

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