Are Americans Preferring to Rent rather than Buy?

If you buy into what some reports are saying this would appear to be the case.  At first glance this might look to be the sensible thing to do.  After all the bad press the housing market has gotten of late, it is little wonder.  After all, isn’t the housing market crash the cause of the economic situation we are in right now?

NO!  We don’t think so.  In fact, we would like to propose another idea.  Could it not be said that the housing market is a victim of the crash?  And the crash was actually caused by the uncontrolled over-inflation of the boom?  Most (all?) investments carry risk.  The greater the reward, the greater the risk. It is the natural law.

Naturally, when one looses their income they loose the ability to make their mortgage payments.  Had everyone’s income increased at the rate housing costs did, the problem would not have happened!  And it seems that for the last few years the real estate industry has definitely been the “red-headed stepchild”.  We have surely had our time in the spotlight.

In reality, we do think that the economic troubles faced by all of us were caused by a number of contributing factors.  The run-away price increases in the housing market played a part.  But the original question was “Rent or BUY?”.  Even with the current turmoil, real estate is still ahead of other investments in GAINS.  That is correct, gains, increases, profits.

To get more on this (and from someone other than us) click the “read more” link below.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Happy reading.

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