Are the Fed Programs Actually Working?

Recent reports show economic disasters around the world.  The Euro is up, down, uncertain.  Greece is being offered an out that spells disaster either way it goes according to some.  Germany and others have threatened to exclude themselves from the young market.

Asian economies don’t seem to be doing much better.  As other economies have dropped, the need for tech production has plummeted.  That, being the basis of Asia’s new-found rapid wealth building, has had very negative effect on their status.

The rescue attempts at home have come under fire.  But, in all fairness, that is the American way.  And while we don’t think government has any place in business, it is their job (read our job collectively) do help us do what we cannot do for ourselves individually.  Recent reports show that there may be a light at the end of this tunnel.  And while not at hand, it is at least visible.

According to a recent article by Lou Barnes in Inman News ( $ read it here) one of the factors aiding in our recovery is the forced low rate of return on securities.  By holding this rate lower than desired investors are being encouraged to look at slightly riskier investments.  Investments, by nature, carry some risk.  It is their natural order to proportion gain and risk.

A full lesson in economics is beyond the scope of this article, and frankly our complete understanding to the point that we would feel comfortable teaching it.  What we do see is that our recovery does indeed seem to be progressing.  Like any healing, it is a slow process.  It does not happen over night.  But it is happening.

Homes are being sold on the open market.  Foreclosure prospects are being offered alternatives.  Short Sales are becoming more manageable.  As things improve more, interest rates will begin to climb again.  Home prices will likely remain close to their current levels for the foreseeable future.  Jobs are beginning to open back up.  Silicon Valley is actually at higher employment numbers than before the crash in some reports.

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